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Year 8s Impress in Vaulting Competition

Friday, 10 February 2017

  • Vaulting 2017 - Ben P Double Box 2
  • Vaulting 2017 - Ben P Double Box
  • Vaulting 2017 - Ben C Through
  • Vaulting 2017 - Harry Double Box
  • Vaulting 2017 - Ben P Rotational
  • Vaulting 2017 - Sam Present
  • Vaulting 2017 - Alex Straddle
  • Vaulting 2017 - Henry Straddle
  • Vaulting 2017 - Competitors with Mr Pledger
  • Vaulting 2017 - Winners Harry, Ben P and Sam

Seven Year 8 pupils competed in the final of the annual Vaulting Competition. The whole of the year group took part in the initial heats, conducted during P.E. lessons, with those who performed best moving on to participate in the final. These boys were Tyler Bailey, Ben Clarkson, Harry Forshaw, Henry Miller-Stenton, Alex Nielsen, Sam Olawumi and Ben Price.

There were some nerves in play on the morning of the final as the boys prepared to vault in front of the whole of Year 8, their Form Tutors and the Boys’ Division P.E. staff during morning assembly time.

Each finalist had to complete four vaults in total, increasing in difficulty: the through vault, the straddle vault, the rotational vault and the double-box vault.

The competition was judged by members of the P.E. staff and Mr Trevor Pledger, the School’s Director of Partnerships and former Head of P.E. in the Boys’ Division. As an expert in gymnastics, Mr Pledger was able to give the boys some valuable advice before the competition which helped them to perform at their best in each vault, and afterwards offered individual feedback on their performance.

P.E. teacher Mr Mark Chilton said, “The final was of the highest standard. In the end it came down to the final vault with all seven finalists opting for the double box with a somersault to finish.”

The judging was a very difficult decision, with Mr Pledger and the P.E. staff having to rank the boys based on every single vault they made rather than on overall performance because they were all so closely matched.

The Gold medal was presented to Ben Price for his near perfect execution, with Harry Forshaw taking the Silver and Sam Olawumi the Bronze.

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