Bolton School Senior Boys

Year 9 Boys Win National Physics Competition

A team of Year 9 boys are the winners of the National IOP Exoplanet Project.

The space invaders, consisting of Matthew Whitfield, Haseeb Wazir, Daniel Wilde and Peter Roberts, were one of three Bolton School teams to take part in the project, designed to engage, stimulate and enhance physics learning through activity, blogging and mentoring.

Based on the popular Astronomy topic of extra solar planets, the project addressed learning objectives for KS3 as set out in the National Curriculum - Thinking like a scientist, Understanding the applications and implications of science, Practical and enquiry skills, Critical understanding of evidence, and Science communication skills.

Over four weeks pupils looked at how to find an exoplanet, studying habitable zones, atmosphere, surface conditions and gravity. At the end of the four weeks they had to pull together what they had learnt to analyse data for 4 exoplanets, discovering which ones are habitable and what they might be like on the surface. The pupils then had to make a short video proposal for a mission to one of the exoplanets. Three teams of Year 9 boys completed the project but it was Space Invaders that were chosen to go on to the National competition judged by members of the National Space Academyand the Planet Huntersteam.

The boys each received £15 of iTunes vouchers and the Physics department received a Sony Bloggie camcorder. The wining proposal can be seen on the SPN website with feedback from the judges.

Haseeb Wazir, Matthew Whitfield, Peter Roberts and Daniel Wilde

Haseeb Wazir, Matthew Whitfield, Peter Roberts and Daniel Wilde won the National IOP Exoplanet Project