"When I return to Bolton School to talk to pupils about entrepreneurship, my message is to 'go for it'. This is an attitude that I had instilled in me during my time at the school where my curiosity was fuelled and I became interested in ideas."

Caroline Plumb - CEO of Fresh Minds and youngest woman on Management Today's '35 under 35' list

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Year 9s Inspired at Careers Carousel

Monday, 16 March 2015

Three Old Boys joined current Year 9 pupils for a Careers Carousel during the boys’ SPACE session. These alumni, alongside Girls’ Division teacher Mr Challinor and Lieutenant Amy Orley from the Royal Navy, gave short talks to groups of boys throughout the afternoon to give them a flavour of a variety of different careers.

After completing his GCSEs in the Boys’ Division, Rob Nugent went on to play for Sheffield United for four years and was even the captain of the reserves team. However, when his contract was not renewed, he had to look at a different path. He trained as an accountant and is now the Chief Financial Officer for software development company Godel Technologies. He told the boys about how his teachers and sport coaches at School instilled in him the idea of taking his passion and attitude from the sports pitch into the classroom, and ultimately into his business life, in order to succeed. He advised the boys to chase their dreams in the field they are passionate in, as he did with sport, but to also work hard in their studies to make sure that if it doesn’t work out as they might hope, they still have lots of options to move forward and bounce back.

Old Boy Tom Besford is a freelance event manager, and is currently working as the Head of Artist Liaison for Manchester International Festival. He talked to boys about the work he does as an event manager and was able to tell some great stories about the projects he has worked on – including some of the strange requests he has received from artists! Tom also explained that he got into this by attending gigs himself as a patron before moving into managing such events, and gave boy some great tips on moving into this field themselves.

Chris Norman talked to boys about his work in the technology industry. He is now the Head of Web Development at Intohand, a company which develops and designs interactive web applications and apps for iPhone and android. He talked about creating apps such as the BBC News app and the first app to integrate with the BMW dashboard, and the technicalities of different jobs. One of the boys asked if learning modern foreign languages such as Russian, which he studied at university alongside Philosophy, and French helped with learning programming languages. Chris replied that it has helped him as there are similarities: programming languages have their own grammar and syntax just like any other language, and experience of learning one helped with learning the other.

Girls’ Division Classics teacher Mr Challinor spoke about life as a teacher. He gave the boys a great insight into the realities and difficulties of the job, as well as the rewarding aspects.

Lieutenant Amy Orley also talked to the boys about a career with the Royal Navy. She showed them a brief presentation about what life in the Royal Navy is like and then proceeded with a short quiz to see how much they knew already. Some of the answers – such as how many people are currently serving in the Royal Navy – really surprised the boys!

The Careers Carousel was an opportunity for the boys to get a flavour of the wide variety of careers available, and gave the Year 9s plenty of inspiration for their own future.

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Old Boys Chris, Tom and Rob talked to the boys about their careers after Bolton School

Old Boys Chris, Tom and Rob talked to the boys about their careers after Bolton School

Lieutenant Orley spoke about life as a member of the Royal Navy

Lieutenant Orley spoke about life as a member of the Royal Navy