Bolton School Senior Boys

School to Host 2018-19 Historical Association Lectures

Bolton School Girls' Division will again host the local Historical Association lectures on the first Monday of each month from September 2018 - March 2019.

Each lecture will be held in the Sutcliffe Studio and will begin at 7.30pm. Car parking is available in the Girls' Division Quad. Bolton School pupils will gain free admission and there is a small charge for visitors. Full details can be found on the Historical Association website.

Historical Association Lectures

Monday 10 September: AGM and Dr Steven Pierce, "After the Cement Armada: Nigeria, Corruption and the Politics of International Reputation, 1967-1986."

Monday 1 October:  Dr Guyda Armstrong, "Materiality, agency and the book-object in early modern printed translations."

Monday 5 November: Ms Charlotte Czyzyk, "Voices from the Armistice."

Monday 3 December: Prof. Anindita Ghosh, "Modernising Calcutta: technology, the spectacular and the unexpected."

Monday 7 January: Dr Fiona Edmonds, "The rise and fall of the Northumbrian kingdom (c.600=1000)."

Monday 4 February: Dr John Gallagher, "Learning languages in early modern England."

Monday 4 March: Prof. Paul Salveson, "Allen Clarke....Bolton's Forgotten Genius."