Bolton School Senior Boys

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Wish List


Each year, the Parents’ Association invites submissions from Boys’ Division staff for funding for extra items or experiences for the boys which are not necessarily covered under School budgets; those “nice but not necessary” items that enhance even further the range of experiences available for the boys. Applications are considered at our November committee meeting and awards made. Below are the awards made recently, and above you can see photos of some of the items we have funded in the past. 

Art & Design – air filtration system - this will not only help our GCSE and A Level students, but also assist with our new Skateboard project that we are running for Year 9. It will allow for boys to use sprays such as fixative and paints inside the classroom. The spray booth will not only improve the aesthetics of the boy’s coursework, but also give the younger boys an opportunity to use specialist equipment during lessons. 

Cricket – junior bowling machine - to maintain our competitiveness in cricket we are endeavouring to spend more time in coaching these skills into boys in the Junior School. This machine will complement the larger machine previously funded by the PA and would be used from Y5 upwards appropriate to skill levels (and in the early year groups in Senior School). It would be used in all net sessions in the winter, at lunchtime club activities, and net and drill practices in timetabled summer sport lessons. The machine intensifies practice as it is increases the accuracy of ball delivery so that batsmen consistently play the ball for the coached stroke and the repetitions make practice so much more effective and development much faster. 

Golf – laser range finder - over the last couple of years, there has been a dramatic increase in the level of golf in School, especially in competitions. Laser rangefinders have become an essential part of every golfer’s artillery, however, not all golfers at School are lucky enough to own one. This academic year, we have won two competitions and are currently involved in two others and hope to progress in these national competitions. Every Thursday lunchtime, a group of keen and enthusiastic Lower School boys visit the driving range. It is very important for every golfer to know their own distances with each club and the use of a rangefinder ensures accuracy. Currently, the golf team consists of 6-10 boys, aged between 12 and 18. Golf club is open to boys of any age in the Senior School, but currently only Lower School boys are members. The team has had further recent success by making the regional final of the Independent Schools’ Golf Association. 

Music – keyboards - C31, the main music classroom, is being redesigned to make it easier to teach theory and practical work in the same lesson. The idea is that theory can be taught and then reinforced with practical work on the keyboards. Therewill be bench desks around the perimeter of the room where keyboards can be placed. Written work will take place at desks in the centre of the room so that boys can move easily from desk to keyboard. This will benefit the lower school curriculum in particular, but will potentially be used by all year groups. 

Music – clavinova – this replaces the current one in C30, used for classroom teaching & instrumental teaching to boys in year 8 – 13. 

Art & Drama – display boards – these were provided for the Foundation Art Open Exhibition 2018, an exhibition by boys, girls, alumni, Central Services staff and teachers, both current and past. Once the exhibition was over, they were re-used on the set of “Into The Woods”, the Joint Senior Drama production. 

Drama – green screen equipment - the green screen set up will allow students across art, graphics, English and a range of extra-curricular groups to create high quality photographic, animated, film, documentary and news format products. The facility can also be booked across the subject range for pupils to create high quality presentations to complement subject content whilst also advancing skills in digital media. Independent work set for pupils can be much more diverse e.g. short documentary pieces or news broadcast pieces to complement class work. 

Drama – vintage display case – this will mirror the display cabinets on the library staircase landing  and is a vintage item fitting to the school environment. To mark Platinum Artsmark status, it will house certification of the standard mark and a rotation of arts display content spotlighting Old Boys in the Arts, School arts in the news and high profile arts activity in the cabinet.