Bolton School Senior Boys

A Parent Reflects

Having moved to Bolton in 1998 with our three sons, then aged 7 years, 4 years and 8 months old, schooling and choice of school were of paramount importance. As a family we had not been to Bolton itself, but we had heard of Bolton School and how it was a centre of academic excellence.

We gathered information about the school and we visited. It was without doubt the school we wanted all three boys to attend. Our oldest son joined Park Road in Year 6, our middle son joined Park Road in Year 4 and our youngest son attended from Reception Class at Beech House. All three boys went through the Senior School and Sixth Form. 

As a family we have always worked on the principle that a good education is based on four dimensions of schooling. These include good teachers, good boys willing to work hard to respect those teachers, parental back up from home, and having a fun and caring peer group. These are definitely supported in the ethos of Bolton School. 

The school also respects the individual needs of each boy and encompasses an holistic approach to an all round education. All three of our boys not only left Bolton School with fantastic GCSE and A-level results, but they also left with a sense of pride and gratitude at having  been given an opportunity to attend this school. We are so very glad that we were able to give them that opportunity and have absolutely no regrets. 

Our 3 sons have all chosen to pursue a career in Medicine. Our oldest son is now a junior doctor having attended Cambridge University , our middle son is a fourth year medical student at Liverpool University and our youngest son has just left this year to join Cardiff University as a medical student.

To any potential prospective parents reading this we can only say that by choosing to send your son to Bolton School (at any stage of their education) they will be entering a place of academic excellence, where there are also many extra-curricular opportunities in which to excel, including sports, music, drama and various societies. The most important element though is that your son will enjoy going to school!

Sally Roberts, Parent.

Mrs Sally Roberts

Mrs Sally Roberts