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Pastoral System

At some stage, most people in school become involved with the pastoral side of school life. We hope our system works well because of good relations and frequent personal contacts, including sound staff/pupil relationships. This area of the School's work is led by the Deputy Head (Pastoral), Mrs Brandon, and many staff (not just academic staff) and pupils put in great efforts in this regard on behalf of the school community. The preservation of a warm, caring, friendly and ordered setting for our main activities is vital.

Form Teachers- each boy is placed in a form unit under the supervision and direction of a Form Teacher. He or she is the key member of staff with responsibility for your son. In addition to routine functions, they act as a channel for information between school, home and the boys. Knowing the boys individually is very important and time is set aside for one-to-one interviews. The general atmosphere and tone of the classes and form bases depend on the Form Teachers and they should be the first contact for parents who have a concern about their son.

Year Heads- each group has its own Year Head who has oversight of the pastoral care, discipline and academic progress of all the boys in that particular cohort.

They correlate standards and deal with more serious problems of behaviour, academic work or personal difficulties and support form teachers, pupils and parents when needed.

Head of Year 7: Mrs L Waller

Head of Year 8: Mrs M A Ryder

Head of Year 9: Mr M H Prentki

Head of Year 10: Mr H S Brown

Head of Year 11: Mr P Davidson

Deputy Head of Sixth Form: Mr R Catterall

Head of Sixth Form: Mr J Williams

Heads of Section - the Lower School (Years 7-9) and Middle School (Years 10-11) each have a Head of Section, who has overarching responsibility for the pastoral welfare and academic development of boys in that part of the School

Head of Lower School: Mrs L Waller

Head of Middle School: Mr P Davidson

The Heads of Section, in addition to acting as Head of Year to one of the relevant groups, work with Form Tutors and Year Heads to ensure that boys are making progress (both intellectual and personal) during these particular two/three years of their school life. The Head of Section will also take part in the resolution of serious pastoral and disciplinary issues, and will regularly discuss matters pertaining to their section of the School and its future development with the Deputy Head (Pastoral), Mrs Brandon and Headmaster, Mr Britton.

The School does not permit or condone in any way or form corporal punishment.

The Deputy Head - Mrs Brandon is Designated Safeguarding Lead for the School. She is always informed of serious matters relating to the welfare of the boys in school. 

School Counsellor- We are fortunate to have the services of Mrs C Edge and Mr N Wyatt who, as School Counsellors, are available to talk to pupils who need advice and support or where Form Teachers, Year Heads or Heads of Section feel they can offer additional skills in dealing with difficult situations boys may face. An external counsellor is also available to the Sixth Form boys.

School Nurses- the school Nurses are a tremendous asset to the School's effort to provide for the boys' welfare. Not only are they the first port of call for the various ailments and injuries the boys suffer, but are also professional and greatly trusted confidants.

Everyone Else! Bolton School is often referred to as a 'pastoral' school. We very much hope that is true.

See also our Pastoral Curriculum page.

"The quality of the pupils' personal development is excellent."

"Pupils have a strong, shared and well understood moral code which transcends their different faiths....they are highly supportive of each other......they are determined, resilient, adaptable and loyal to their school."

[By the time] “pupils leave school they are adaptable, resilient and flexible. They are mature, emotionally and academically developed young men, with strong personal skills, and a self-confidence cloaked in modesty.” 

ISI Inspection, December 2016

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