Bolton School Senior Boys

Pastoral Care

At Bolton School, our approach to Pastoral Care is very simple: we are dedicated to promoting the happiness and wellbeing of every student. Our pastoral care is excellent because we forge positive partnerships with parents and boys to nurture the academic and personal potential in every boy.

Our approach to safeguarding is student-centred: when our young men feel safe and supported, they thrive. It is our aim that students leave the school as self-confident young people equipped with the knowledge, skills and attributes that will allow them to lead a happy and fulfilled life and to make a difference for the good in the wider community. We aim to achieve this by fostering a learning environment that provides challenge, encourages initiative, promotes teamwork and develops leadership capabilities.

We celebrate the rich diversity of our multi-cultural school community. Our boys develop strong, moral characters that recognise the rights of others within the school, which include: the right to learn; the right to teach; to be treated with respect, tolerance and fairness; to be listened to and share views; to be safe and happy; to be helped and supported.

We believe that clear, consistent and proportionate sanctions and rewards are essential for promoting positive behaviour and they support the boys’ feelings of security. We take a zero tolerance stance towards all forms of bullying and proactively tackle it through our Anti-Bullying Strategy, which we promote to boys and their parents. Our pastoral care is effective because it anticipates potential barriers to learning and upskills students to overcome them and become independent learners. We recognise that academic attainment is intrinsically linked to the successful acquisition of personal qualities such as self-discipline, confidence, resilience, empathy, individual responsibility and an understanding of the students’ roles within our School, local and national communities.

As an excellent Independent School, we facilitate the acquisition of these attributes through embedding a behaviour for learning ethos in the school, offering a challenging pastoral programme and through a broad, high quality and inclusive extra-curricular programme that includes the monitoring of every boy’s level of engagement. We quality assure that Pastoral Schemes of Work are tailored to each year group and provide inspiring lessons on topics such as: body image, cyber-safety, healthy relationships, hate crime, British values, domestic violence within the context of teen age relationships, mental health awareness, personal organisation and mindfulness.

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