Bolton School Senior Girls

Careers Advice and Guidance Throughout the School

The Careers department aims to help prepare your daughter to make well informed choices at every stage in school which, will in turn, lead to a fulfilling working life in the future. By offering a varied and challenging programme, we develop career awareness, transferable skills and the capacity to research education and careers opportunities independently.

In Year 7 girls discuss stereotyping in the workplace during PSHEE and then spend a day work sampling so that they can learn more about different occupations whilst developing their own self confidence. They are encouraged to interview at least one person formally and write up their findings in a report.

A whole day of careers talks and activities in the post examination period for Year 8  is designed to introduce girls to a broad spectrum of professions and allow them to practise the skills needed in the work place. In recent years we have had exciting sessions provided by musicians, actors, designers, engineers, micro-biologists, pharmacists, accountants and entrepreneurs, many of them old girls. They also spend some time learning how to research careers for themselves and deliver short presentations on their findings.

Year 9s have their thoughts firmly fixed on GCSE choices and to support them they are given one to one interviews to discuss their ideas and they also have a PSHEE session on Decision Making in PSE.

In Year 10 a day off timetable with the “Young Film Academy” learning how to make a 10 shot film is intended to introduce the girls to this creative industry whilst building employability skills.  Towards the end of the year, girls undergo psychometric profiling, the results of which are fed back in the summer term.The Morrisby profile forms the basis of the Careers interview for all girls and their parents. In this one-to-one interview with an external expert, the results of the psychometric profile are used to enable your daughter to make independent and well informed decisions about her future, including what AS Levels to study. Through PSHEE sessions in Year 11, she will be given time to research the career suggestions offered in her Morrisby profile. In addition, all girls in Years 10 and 11 are given the opportunity to write an up to date CV and arrange at least one work experience placement.

On top of these activities, we also offer focussed careers days to which interested Year 11s and upwards are invited. The Joint Biennial Careers and Higher Education Fair is open to girls and boys from year 9 upwards as well as local schools. Over 100 stands covering a wide variety of careers and universities from around the country give students the opportunity to carry out plenty of independent research. Informal chats are complemented by more formal seminars and talks on focussed topics such as Getting into Medical school.

Once in the Sixth Form, girls in Years 12 and 13 enjoy an extensive programme designed to help them:

  • Make informed choices about Higher Education and/or work;
  • Prepare a strong application for Higher Education;
  • Develop interview skills;
  • Broaden their knowledge of different career areas;
  • Increase their awareness and understanding of business and enterprise;
  • Continue to build a wide range of transferable skills in readiness for work and a successful life beyond Bolton School.

Details of this programme are in the Sixth Form section of the website.


By clicking on the below link you can learn more about important information about higher education and the UCAS application process. 


Where do students go after Bolton School?

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Year 8 Day making an infra red telescope

Year 8 Day - making an infra red telescope

Senior Girls

Year 10 Film Day

Senior Girls

The winners of the Bentley Workshop are rewarded with a seat in a gleaming new Bentley, courtesy of Amy Durrant, Old Girl