Bolton School Senior Girls

Infant and Junior Schools

Boys and girls enter our Infant Department (Beech House) in the academic year following their fourth birthday, joining one of the three Reception classes. The children transfer to the Boys' and Girls' Junior Departments at the end of Year 2. All Year 6 children take the Entrance Examination for the Senior School in January.

A team of caring and supportive staff - teachers, nursery nurses and teaching assistants - help our children to achieve high standards whilst ensuring that they have plenty of fun. Every effort is made to cater for individual needs and differences and to make the most of their talents. We see the personal development of the children as an important part of our responsibility.

From 4 to 11 years, pupils follow an enriched National Curriculum programme with a comprehensive system of assessment. We use the Primary Literacy and Numeracy strategies as starting points but extend the children's skills far beyond minimum requirements. There are ample opportunities for creativity, enquiry and problem solving. ICT is an integral part of the curriculum and all PE, Music, French and Spanish lessons are taught by specialist staff.

Our children are given as wide a range of experiences as possible at school. There are numerous trips to places of interest and visitors are regularly invited into school to share their knowledge and skills with the children. The Junior Department organises a busy programme of lunchtime clubs and enjoys tremendous success in many sporting events at local, regional and national levels. We promote individual strengths and talents in all aspects of the curriculum to help every girl's self-confidence to grow.

Charity fundraising is given a high profile and the children are encouraged to become actively involved in these activities.

Junior School Girls
Senior Girls - Beech House Group

Boys and Girls leave our Infant Department at the end of Year 2 and join either the Boys' Division or Girls' Division Junior School