Bolton School Senior Girls

Middle School

Our close links with feeder primary schools and with our own Junior School mean that we are able to provide a smooth transition from Key Stage 2. All our pupils have an equal start: each of the five forms has a similar timetable and there is no setting other than in Mathematics.

We provide a wide and balanced compulsory curriculum, the only choice being which second foreign language - German, Latin or Spanish - to choose in addition to French in Year 8. Pupils experience a wide variety of sports, from Athletics to Gymnastics and Lacrosse. 

Personal, Social and Health Education is delivered by form tutors and provides an extra opportunity to develop relationships within the tutor group. Sessions are varied and interesting, covering issues such as Healthy Eating and Organisation (Year 7); Bullying and Smoking (Year 8) and Human Rights and Relationships (Year 9). We also offer an impressive range of extra-curricular activities such as Sport, Music, Drama and Art as well as numerous clubs, societies and visits. In addition, private music lessons on a wide selection of instruments are available during the school day.

The Middle School Choir

The Middle School Choir conducted by Mrs Carter

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