Bolton School Senior Girls


Art is a popular and stimulating subject which provides opportunities for all pupils to acquire and extend their creative and artistic skills, enabling them to express and communicate their ideas visually.

Our well-resourced studios encourage every pupil to achieve her full artistic potential. As new media, techniques and skills are introduced progressively, students extend their creative experiences, interest and enthusiasm.

Drawing from observation is fundamental to every aspect of art at all levels and emphasis is put on understanding the relationships between drawing, developing a theme and realising a final product in a variety of art and craft techniques, including ceramics, print and textiles. The studios are available before school and at lunchtime for independent work and extra support.

The History and Appreciation of Art and Design is essential to pupils' practical work, enabling them to appreciate their own work in the context of our diverse artistic heritage. We visit local and national art galleries to see as much original work as possible.

Years 7, 8 and 9 are introduced to artistic skills and ideas which provide both rewarding art experiences and a good basis for students who wish to take Art through to GCSE and beyond. A large proportion of Year 11 take Art as an option and it is a popular subject at A Level.


Girls Division Art Class - painting
Girls Division Art Class - drawing
Girls Division Art Class - pottery