Bolton School Senior Girls

Design Technology

The extensive facilities within the Design and Technology Department make it possible for pupils to experience a whole range of designing and making activities, including Resistant Materials Technology and Textiles Technology. Across these subjects, girls in Years 7, 8 and 9 are encouraged to design and develop products through which they learn the skills necessary to achieve carefully constructed outcomes. Girls moving onto GCSE and Advanced Level are encouraged to take an independent and experimental approach in order to develop original ideas and plan these through to the making of high quality products.

The department is made up of 6 teaching staff and 2 curriculum support staff across the Design and Technology areas. Together, staff encourage pupils to explore their interests further by providing a diverse range of clubs and activities.   

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Resistant Materials Technolgoy

Textiles Technology




Design Technology at Bolton School

A GCSE product inspired by 1950s design

Design Technology Students at Bolton School