Bolton School Senior Girls

Food Preparation and Nutrition

Food Preparation and Nutrition allows students to develop their food practical skills and knowledge of nutrition and health. In years 7, 8 and 9 students build up theoretical knowledge and food preparation skills in focused practical and design tasks. Topics include designing a new scone, developing an individual savoury pastry product and planning a party platter. 

In Year 10, at GCSE level, students develop their technical knowledge and confidence to work independently through practical projects. The course develops a deep understanding of nutrition, food provenance and the working characteristics of food materials. Students will learn about British and International culinary traditions, sustainability and food safety. At the heart of the qualification is a focus on developing practical skills and a strong understanding of nutrition.   

In Year 11, students begin their Non-Exam Assessment, worth 50% of the total GCSE grade. 

Task 1: The Food Investigation (15%) This section involves an assessment of the understanding of the properties of ingredients. For example investigating the best flour to use in bread making. 

Task 2 : The Food Preparation Assessment (35%) This includes a 3 hour practical assessment where students have to plan, prepare and serve a range of dishes that meet a design brief. 

50% Exam

1 hour 45 minutes. A range of multiple choice and longer style questions testing your knowledge from the course.

The Food department offer a wide range of extra-curricular clubs; Year 8 Food club runs weekly where students can develop their practical skills in an informal session. Years 7-9 can enter the ‘Great Bolton School Bake Off’ which is a joint competition with the Boys’ Division. In Years 10-13 girls can join the annual Christmas cake club, where they make and decorate a large Christmas cake which they to go on to display at the Ceremony of Carols.

Girls prepare party platters

Girls prepare party platters

The Bolton School Bake Off is always a popular event

The Bolton School Bake Off is always a popular event