Bolton School Senior Girls


As well as being a useful guide to the most pertinent questions of the day, History is a highly academic subject which teaches us to critically evaluate evidence, challenge misconceptions and support opinions through reasoned argument. It is a popular subject at KS3; in Years 7 and 8, pupils learn about Medieval England, the Renaissance, Early Modern England and the British Empire, before considering Modern History in Year 9 – in particular, the slave trade and 20th century History. Learning is enriched by an ever popular History Craft Club, a Historical Fiction Club, and trips to Liverpool Maritime Museum and Speke Hall. 

At GCSE, we teach the following topics on the AQA specification: Elizabeth I, c. 1568-1603, Power and the People, c. 1170-present, America, c. 1920-1973 and Conflict and Tension, 1919-1939. Pupils are supported with a weekly exam clinic, and we make an annual trip to the People’s History Museum in Manchester.

At A-level, we study the following AQA modules: Stuart Britain and the Crisis of Monarchy: 1603-1703, and America, A Nation Divided: c. 1845-1877. Pupils also complete a 3000-3,500 word non-examined assessment on a topic of their choosing. Common choices include the French and Russian Revolutions, although recently we have had submissions on Chinese Emperors, the Crusades and Witchcraft.

Over the past five years the department have run two trips to the Great War battlefields, two trips to the United States of America, and we intend to run a three day residential to London in October 2019. 

We invite a variety of people into school to enrich pupils’ understanding of History, including (in recent years) academic historians, playwrights to perform historical plays, producers of historical radio drama and living History performers. The Girls’ Division also hosts the Bolton Branch of the Historical Association, who arrange academic History lectures for members of the public on a range of topics between September and March each year.


GCSE pupils with an English Civil War musketeer

GCSE pupils took part in a question and answer session with an English Civil War musketeer

Pupils in Year 7 and 8 explore historical fiction

Exploring historical fiction