Bolton School Senior Girls


We aim to develop the ability to think and communicate mathematically: precisely, logically and creatively. We seek to promote a positive attitude to Mathematics, including confidence, enjoyment and perseverance, together with an awareness of Mathematics both as a subject in its own right and in relation to other disciplines.

Pupils are helped to acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and understanding to apply a range of mathematical concepts to situations which may arise in their own lives. High standards are maintained and we encourage students to develop their mathematical abilities as far as possible.

In Years 7 and 8, pupils study National Curriculum Mathematics with levels ranging from 4 to 8. In Year 9 pupils begin working through Edexcel's IGCSE specification in preparation for Years 10 and 11.

At Key Stage 4, most girls will be entered for the Higher tier IGCSE (first teaching September 2011), although some are given the option of a Modular GCSE course - studying a mixture of Foundation and Higher tier Units.

At AS/A2 we study MEI Structured Mathematics (OCR). Girls will choose to study either Mechanics or Statistics to complement the compulsory Pure Mathematics modules. A full range of Further Mathematics units is also available.

Throughout the year we invite in a number of speakers to present different and interesting aspects of Mathematics. Sixth Formers are invited to attend lectures in Manchester and younger pupils get involved in activities ranging from firing rockets to treasure hunts.

The Department actively encourages students to enter the following competitions: National Cipher Challenge; Liverpool Mathematical Society Challenges (3 levels); UKMT Junior Challenge; UKMT Intermediate Challenge*; UKMT Senior Challenge**.

* A very good result in the Intermediate Challenge qualifies the competitor for the European Kangaroo (depending on age) leading to the Junior Mathematics Olympiad

** An outstanding result in the Senior Challenge qualifies the competitor for the British Olympiad.

Bolton Girls Division Mathematics student
Bolton Girls Division Mathematics class of students