Bolton School Senior Girls

The Dymond Society

Girls who perform outstandingly well on the Entrance Testing Day receive a personal invitation from the Headmistress to join The Dymond Society. The twelve Year 7 girls, all of whom have received the Headmistress’s Award, meet weekly and are led by the School’s Coordinator for Academic Enrichment. The group is occasionally joined by the Headmistress and Sixth Form students who lend assistance with the studies. 

The society provides girls with opportunities for enrichment through stretch activities, which are not ordinarily covered in the daily curriculum. Each week a different girl may lead the group in discussing a wide range of topics, including a pupil’s favourite book or poem, a historical period, a favourite place or visit, a particular talent or hobby they have or work experience they may have undertaken. Some girls may go on to offer a presentation in a School assembly. 

The society, which will be rolled out across other year groups in the future, was named after one of the School’s earliest and most famous headmistresses, Miss Olivia Dymond. Miss Dymond was Headmistress from 1893-1919 and oversaw the merging of the Bolton High School for Girls with The Bolton Grammar School to become Bolton School in 1915. The society was also set up in the year of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee.  

The Dymond Society discuss China

The Dymond Society discuss China