Bolton School Senior Girls

Entrance Testing for Autumn 2021 Entry

Dear parent(s) and guardian(s)

Following the government’s introduction of the lockdown, we have been seeking clarification from the Department of Education about whether or not our Entrance Exam can go ahead. Yesterday, we were pleased to receive the following reply:

Tests can continue to operate for in-year admissions to selective schools. Where ever possible such tests should be delivered remotely. If  for some reason this is not possible, admission authorities should follow the protective health measures set out within the guidance on assessment processes for selective school admissions and the actions for schools during the coronavirus outbreak. Where ever possible the use of public transport should be avoided.

Therefore, we are now looking at two routes for candidates to take in order to sit the Entrance Examination for School:

  1. Those girls who have access to the internet via a computer/ laptop and a second device (such as an ipad or phone) on which they can Zoom will be able to take the examination at home if they and their parents choose this route. The examination on line will be similar to the Entrance Examination but it is not completely the same in that it will test Non Verbal Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, Spatial Awareness and Quantitative Skills. Girls will need to allow up to two hours for the test to be taken. The access to Zoom is essential so that we can invigilate the girls as they take the examination on line. We would send girls the time when they must sit the examination as well as the instructions about how to access the material and how to ensure that the invigilator can see them. The examination times will begin on Thursday 14 January (the original Entrance Examination day) and will last until at least Wednesday 20 Please note that there is no extra time with this online test and so it is not suitable for girls who require reasonable adjustments due to a Special Educational Need or Disability.

  2. Those girls who do not have access to the internet via a computer/ laptop as well as a second device or those girls who want to sit the Entrance examination in the manner in which they have practised it (for example, without Verbal Reasoning) and girls requiring extra time due to a Special Educational Need or Disability will be invited into School in very small numbers (6 to 8 at a time to be invigilated in rooms in which there will only be the girl herself, the examiner and one other candidate). They will then take the Non Verbal Reasoning, Maths and English papers as we had originally intended. All the measures which were previously in place (such as the wearing of masks, the hand sanitisation on entry and the social distancing throughout) will remain in place. These ‘in School’ examinations will take place over a number of days, beginning on Thursday 14 January (the original Entrance Examination day) and lasting for up to 10 days. As before, anyone who has Covid symptoms or who has had a positive test must not attend on site and another date will be found for them.

A link to a Google form has been emailed to those who have signed up to the Entrance Examination. Please complete this to indicate which route you want your daughter to take by 7pm on Sunday 10 January. If no response is received by this cut off point, we will assume that your daughter will be attending her allocated session in person at school.

If you have any difficulties with the form or any other questions, please contact Mrs Griffiths-Jackson on

We hope that parents and girls will understand the reasons for these changes and for the delay in announcing them whilst we sought official guidance on what to do. We are sorry for any inconvenience caused and look forward to seeing your daughter in person or on Zoom in the weeks ahead.

Thank you for your attention in this matter.

Sue Hincks, Headmistress