Bolton School Senior Girls

The Curriculum Enrichment Programme

In order to enrich the Sixth Form experience, we offer a wide range of short courses and activities. By choosing wisely students can maintain a good balance between Arts, Sciences and Social Sciences. This gives breadth to their studies and allows them to pursue new interests and activities - while gaining the maximum benefit and enjoyment from their time in the Sixth Form.

Although no individual topics are compulsory students must take a selection of courses in Years 12 and 13. Typical choices might be Cookery, Italian, Sign Language or ICT skills.

In Year 13 students can choose to take General Studies AS or A Level and the Curriculum Enrichment Programme helps to provide students with useful courses which lead to wider knowledge in preparation for these qualifications.

Also in Year 13, girls can choose to study for the AQA Bacc. They are able to complete their Extended Project under the guidance of their personal tutor during CEP time.

Senior Girls Curriculum Enrichment Programme Helping Out Young Readers

Helping out young readers at Hesketh House