Bolton School Senior Girls

Elite Athlete Programme

Bolton School has had a long history of supporting talented and aspiring athletes through dual career pathways, helping them realise both their sporting and academic potential. Many talented athletes have gone on to successful careers in sport alongside achieving significant academic success whilst at school. 

We have always recognised that the school is at the centre of a student’s life; consequently, we have sought to create an environment where their personal skills to cope with adversity, competition and anxiety, are enhanced through mentorship and tailored character development. We aim to help talented athletes become well-grounded individuals and to develop a personal identity away from their sport, in order that they maintain positive and flourishing relationships with their non-sporting peers. 

There are obvious challenges that arise from the time a student dedicates to developing their talents to help them achieve sporting excellence, combined with the time and application required to fulfil their academic aspirations too. To help manage these challenges, we provide Elite Athletes with an additional education programme. The additional support is to complement the endeavours of parents, external partners and agencies as a student progresses along a particular talent or performance pathway, and to help them develop a holistic understanding of the pressures and demands that are placed on them, whether emotionally, physically and/or academically. 

Elite athletes have the opportunity to engage with a planned programme of targeted lectures that are both instructional and inspirational to assist and support the progression of a talented athlete. This support reflects when students first engage with a talent programme. Importantly, the programme looks to provide students with guidance on goal setting, planning, communication, time management, sports psychology, nutrition, strength and conditioning, rest and recovery, alongside tailored pastoral care and support for academic study. 

Where appropriate, bespoke curriculum plans are arranged to accommodate their training needs and to ensure a student has the study time and support to fulfil their academic commitments. On occasion, a pupil may have an extended absence due to competition and, if this is the case, measures including extra tutoring can be arranged to supplement any resources, e-learning or otherwise, a student may receive. 

Each student on our Elite Athlete register is assigned their own Elite Athlete Mentor. They liaise closely with external agencies and academies to help ensure the pastoral care of a student is paramount whatever their progress is along a talent pathway. Their mentor will meet with them each half term to discuss and celebrate the progress made within their sporting discipline and academic studies, noting where appropriate areas of additional support that may be required.​


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