Bolton School Senior Girls

Trips and Visits

Trips, both at home and abroad, are a regular and exciting part of Bolton School life. These may relate directly to the curriculum, such as field trips in Geography and Biology; they may extend pupils' understanding of the curriculum, such as Modern Language exchanges or they may be extra-curricular such as the regular ski trips to resorts in Italy, France and Austria or the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme expeditions. Needless to say our girls regard the trips as a very enjoyable aspect of the school year.

Below are some of the other places, near and far, that our girls have visited in recent years.

Alicante, Alton Towers, Adelaide, Barbados, Berlin, Blists Hill Victorian Village in Shropshire, Daresbury Laboratory in Warrington, Deva Centre in Chester, Eden Camp World War II Museum, Egypt, Moulins, Malaga, Paderborn, Formby Squirrel Sanctuary, Hadrian's Wall, IBM in Warwick, Iceland, India, Israel, Liverpool Cathedrals and Synagogue, the Netherlands, our Outdoor Pursuits Centre in the Lake District, the Rheinland, Rivington, Slapton in Devon, Stockley Farm, San Francisco, Switzerland, Tanzania, Washington DC, not forgetting theatres in London, Stratford and Manchester...and many more!

Senior Girls Out and About
Senior Girls Out and About - Ski Trip