Bolton School Senior Girls

Arabian Nights

1,001 nights were packed into under 140 minutes during this year’s Middle School Production of Arabian Nights. Girls from Years 7 to 9 brought a selection of Shahrazad’s famous stories to life in the Girls’ Division Theatre, immersing the audience both in the magic and intrigue of the tales, and also the drama surrounding the storyteller.

Read more about the production here.

The cast of Arabian Nights brought the stories to life
Shahrazad offers to tell a story to her husband the King
Es-Sindibad's story is about a fantastical voyage
Murders and mysteries in the tales
The Envious Sisters
A family reunited
Wives scold their husbands in one story
'Open Sesame'
Shahrazad tells the stories to her family
Delivering the epilogue as an ensemble
Listening to Shahrazad's tales