Bolton School Senior Girls

A Head Girl Reflects

I can't quite believe that my time at Bolton School Girls' Division is already over. I may have "only" been here for seven years (practically just a passing visit compared to those who joined at four years old!) but there is absolutely no doubt that I am going to miss it so very much. I have only been away from school for a week and already I am missing everything, from the coach journey, to the atmosphere in the Common Room to trooping down to "Big Dinner" (as it is affectionately known by sixth formers), en masse, scaring the year 7s by the unnecessarily excited talk about what food is waiting! Hopefully though, I can walk through Centre Arch, knowing that I have made the most of as many opportunities as possible.

I came to Bolton as a shy 11 year old who had no confidence to speak of but, somewhere through Middle School, with the new experiences and friends that it brought, I abandoned those characteristics, a development only furthered by GCSEs because of how busy I was, both with the obviously gruelling stresses of external exams and coursework but also with my extra-curricular activities. Somewhere between Spanish exchanges, Young Enterprise schemes, Duke of Edinburgh awards and School Council, I think it really became clear how much I loved every second of school life, perhaps quite an achievement remembering the intense work-load and pressures of doing 10 subjects!

My two years of my GCSE courses were certainly hectic but, with the confidence-boost of results day, Sixth Form quickly proved to be similarly busy! Sixth form was easily the two best years of my life and the feeling of a "school community" became even more enhanced; the "family feel" is often mentioned when talking about School and although the phrase is used so much, I don't think that there is any other way to encapsulate the feeling of belonging in school life.

Being voted as Head Girl is definitely something that I will always be proud of and I have genuinely enjoyed working with different members of staff and pupils in what has quite simply been the best last year imaginable. With a group of prefects who were always happy to help me, whatever task or hair-brain scheme I had in mind (and let's face it, there were a few bizarre ones!), I have quite literally thrived off every challenge. I don't think I can go without mentioning the genuine delight I felt every time anyone (parent, teacher or visitor) complimented the prefect team; they made all of the meetings, the tasks and the responsibilities so much fun and I think it is fair to say that I couldn't have asked for a better team!

I know that the prefects play an important role in many of the events that go on around school throughout the year but the teachers too have been an enormous help, providing advice, support and a sea of friendly faces. I would like to give a personal thank you to all of the staff who have been amazing and will undoubtedly be sorely missed.

Jessica Smith

Jessica Smith, Head Girl 2008-09

Jessica Smith, Head Girl 2008-09