Bolton School Senior Girls

A Parent's View

To choose Bolton School for your daughter will not only change her life, but yours too. Your hopes and expectations for your daughter will grow beyond belief.

You will see that you have chosen a school that will encourage your daughter to take in all that is the best and in return give of her best. She will be offered outstanding opportunities and in return show you that she can achieve what you maybe once thought was unimaginable for her.

You will see you daughter grow and develop in ways that, as a parent, you probably thought were impossible. She will become, over time, an eloquent, thoughtful young lady who can see others' points of view, accept what she does not always understand and see the importance of returning to society what she has been fortunate enough to take out. She will be a true product of Bolton School, socially aware, just as Lord Leverhulme envisaged.

She will take part in outward-bound trips where she will gorge walk, orienteer, abseil and kayak. She will suddenly be able to bake cakes and sell sweets for charity. Even more, she will willingly dress all in red, green, black or blue for the sake of those far less fortunate than herself.

Our daughters first pass through that awe-inspiring arch and enter those wonderful buildings, full of trepidation, anxiety and shyness, maybe, their regulation skirts below their knees and bags across their shoulders.

They finally stride out of that still awe-inspiring arch, highly capable and full of confidence, dressed in their own individual styles, jeans, multi coloured tee-shirts and gloriously patterned scarves, each ready to face the world with compassion, philanthropy and integrity.

They, and you, will be safe in the knowledge that they have achieved of their best. Bolton School will not just have changed your daughter's life but will have changed her, too.

I recently read that a pupil had written in a letter, "Bolton School has made me what I will become". I could not agree with these sentiments more, Bolton School is concerned with so much more than academia, it produces well rounded young people who have much to give back to society in so many ways. It provides a truly holistic approach; a Bolton School education for your daughter will not disappoint you or your daughter.

Please take some time to join us on our Open Day or on a private tour so that you can see and hear for yourselves just what we have to offer you and your daughter.

Bolton School Parent

"A Bolton School education will not disappoint you or your daughter"