Bolton School Senior Girls

A Chance to SHINE

Year 5 girls and boys from seven local primary schools are being given the chance to shine at Bolton School. The forty one children will benefit from the resources and experience of teaching staff at Bolton School.  All the pupils taking part have shown high levels of motivation and many of them do not, ordinarily, have access to such an opportunity.  The aim is for children to be challenged and inspired whilst having fun and learning.  They study a mix of traditional subjects such as English, Maths and the Sciences but are also introduced to more unusual offerings such as Japanese, Psychology, Ceramics and Drama.  This year will also see them enjoying new sessions in Business Studies and Food Technology. 

During the first session, Yusuf Adia of Beaumont Primary school said he enjoyed: "learning how different chemicals produced different effects and finding out about fuels" and commented that he was "looking forward to studying Maths, Chemistry and Physics". 

Kader Dahir of Devonshire Road Primary school said that he was 'looking forward to learning stuff that I don't do at primary school" whilst Noor Hussein of St William of York said that she was looking forward to "trying new subjects and working in a team".

Bolton School's Director of Admissions Mr James Rich said: "We are delighted to be running the SHINE initiative for a third successive year.  The sessions provide a wonderful opportunity for young, bright children to expand their learning beyond the normal confines of the curriculum and to make use of our facilities and the expertise of our specialist staff.  I know our teachers also enjoy themselves as they watch these Year 5 pupils develop over the course of the programme, as do our sixth formers who act as mentors to the younger children. This project places Bolton School right at the heart of its local community."

All sessions are free for the participating children, the costs being met equally by Bolton School and the SHINE Charitable Trust. The programme will culminate with a celebratory graduation dinner held at Bolton School in February 2012 for children, parents and teachers.

Sixth Form helpers assist in an interactive Chemistry session

Sixth Form helpers assist in an exciting Chemistry session