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Army Leadership Day for Year 9s

Friday, 30 September 2016

The Year 9 girls improved their problem solving, leadership and teamwork skills through a Leadership Day led by the Army. Pupils participated in nine activities over the course of the morning: some challenged them physically while others put their mental skills to the test.

The day included a ‘minefield’ challenge where pupils had to move their team from one side of a minefield to the other, collecting kit along the way, without touching the floor or the cones that were standing in for mines. There was also a trust exercise in which the whole team was blindfolded apart from the leader, who then had to verbally guide them across an obstacle course: at first one by one, then as a group with the team holding each other’s shoulders. Batak brought out the girls’ competitive streak as they tested their reactions, hand eye co-ordination and stamina and tried to get the highest score. The girls also enjoyed trying out the climbing wall.

These were just some of the activities which the Year 9s took part in over the course of the Leadership Day. They were designed to encourage the girls to think, recognise strengths and weaknesses, require high performance from everyone and strive towards team goals.

Pupils also learned more about life in the army. They were able to try on kit that is worn and carried during training and kit that is used in the field, and feel the difference between the two. They also found out more about the different items, from the helmet to the kind of food that soldiers carry.

The morning sessions were led by Lt Col Cook in conjunction with Lancashire Fusiliers.

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Navigating the

Navigating the 'minefield'

Girls were able to try on kit

Girls were able to try on kit

Trusting the team leader to get everyone through the obstacle course

Trusting the team leader to get everyone through the obstacle course