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Bolton School Contributes £17m to Local Economy

Bolton School contributes an annual £17 million to the local economy.  The figure is based on a recent report commissioned by the Independent Schools Council (ISC), which looks at the contribution of independent schools to the British economy.  

The study further shows that Bolton School directly provides 447 jobs and generates almost £4 million in taxes.  Indirectly, taking into account the School’s local supply chain purchases, the total economic impact is over £21 million, with it supporting 551 jobs and contributing over £5 million in taxes. The school also saves taxpayers £16.3 million as a result of the reduced public spending on the education of its pupils. 

Nationally the striking facts are that the independent schools contribute £9.5 billion gross to economy, the same as the city of Liverpool as a whole, and employ 227,200 FTE, which is the equivalent of Sheffield’s employment statistics! 

However, Bolton School’s contributions to the local area go far beyond the economic. 

In the ISC report, Bolton School’s Ogden Teaching Fellow was used as an example of the impact of independent schools’ educational outcomes. The Ogden Teaching Fellow position was set up in 2010 in conjunction with the Ogden Trust and the Institute of Physics, with the idea being that a full-time physics teacher based at Bolton School would also work with seventeen local secondary schools to promote the learning of the subject. Pupils from these schools have worked together on various projects and taken part in events such as the annual Physics Olympics. 

The Primary Schools’ Liaison programme offers a wide variety of annual events to local children aged seven and up, including sports festivals, a Technology Carnival, Classics Symposium, and a host of events covering numerous other subject areas. The school also hosts the SHINE Project, which provides fun tuition in a wide variety of subjects to gifted and talented Year 5 pupils over the course of eleven term-time Saturdays. 

The School is keen to share its facilities, and as such has developed strong links with several local primary schools. Primary pupils are frequently invited to join in with events such as the NCO Workshop Day, and school ensembles give performances or demonstrations across the borough.  The Music Department has also arranged Lunchtime Concerts, which are attended free of charge by the public.

Within the school itself, and in accordance with Lord Leverhulme’s original ideal that education should be available to all, one in five pupils receive financial support in the form of bursaries. National surveys show that Bolton School is one of the leaders in allocating these funds to the least well off, thus promoting social mobility. 

There is a strong ethos of community service throughout the Bolton School Foundation. In the past twelve months, the Lower Sixth students alone have contributed 11,695 hours of volunteering, and it is estimated that the time and effort contributed by all pupils provides the annual equivalent of 10 years’ work. The Bolton School Foundation also raises money for various charitable organisations throughout the year, with an estimated fundraising total of £30,000.

Bolton School

The School contributes over £17m to the local economy