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Bolton School Crowns Bake Off Champion

Wednesday, 07 May 2014

Three pupils from Year 9 went head-to-head this lunchtime in the final of the Bolton School Bake Off! After eight themed knockout rounds, each one judged by a different pair of teachers, the girls were given free reign to create the dish of their choice for the final. However, with just thirty minutes of baking time, the pressure was on and the girls had to choose their recipes carefully in order to succeed!

A large audience of the girls’ friends and teachers crowded in to watch as they prepared, baked and presented their creations. After working right down to the very last minute, the contestants were finally ready to present their entries to the judges: Miss Hincks, the headmistress, and Miss Wadey, the head of Year 9.

Amelie Bamford created the only savoury dish: two goat’s cheese puff pastry tartlets, one with caramelised onions, and the other with poached apple. The dish was stylishly garnished with rocket, bright flashes of freshly chopped chilli, and Modena vinegar. The modern presentation on a rectangular plate really added to the overall appearance of the meal.

Anna Hill baked her own twist on the classic ‘mille-feuille’, or vanilla slice. She whipped up a vanilla mascarpone cream before making her own puff pastry and raspberry jelly during the timed final. She then assembled the dessert, piping a generous amount of cream onto the traditional layers, surrounding the bottom with fresh raspberries and laying her raspberry jelly in the centre. She finished the dish with a dusting of icing sugar and an elegant dash of raspberry coulis , before finally topping the slice with two fresh raspberries.

Asena Akdeniz also made a dessert: a baked lime cheesecake topped with dark chocolate sprinkles, a raspberry, and home-made chocolate leaves. The cheesecake was presented with a raspberry coulis, a generous helping of fresh raspberries, and a glass of ginger beer garnished with a slice of lime. The many different aspects of the dish made it really interesting and intriguing.

It was no easy task to decide the winner out of the three delicious dishes on offer. However, after awarding points out of ten for taste, appearance and creativity, the judges were ready to announce the overall winner.

Anna Hill was crowned Bolton School Bake Off Champion for her delicious layered dessert.

She was presented with the Bolton School Bake Off trophy, a cake decorating book, and a certificate. The two runners up received certificates and cake decorating kits. Although there could be only one winner, all three girls did extremely well to reach the final, and proved their baking abilities under pressure.

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Miss Wadey and Miss Hincks with the three Bake Off finalists: Asena, Anna and Amelie

Miss Wadey and Miss Hincks with the three Bake Off finalists: Asena, Anna and Amelie

Amelie and Asena putting the finishing touches to their creations

Amelie and Asena putting the finishing touches to their creations


Anna's layered raspberry dessert, alongside Amelie's tartlets and Asena's cheescake