Bolton School Senior Girls

Bolton Schools Stand Up for Smallholder Farmers

Pupils from seven schools across Bolton have been making a stand for farmers across the world.

The event, organised by Bolton School Girls’ Division and Oxfam, and supported by The Co-operative is part of a campaign for a better deal to be struck for the world's smallholder farmers.

30 pupils from six Bolton primary schools along with 30 current Year 7s from Bolton School Girls’ Division learnt about where their food comes from, the problems that small scale food producers face and the important role they play in providing food globally.

During the day, the children made their own StopMotion animations, wrote and recorded a jingle and designed and developed merchandise to promote the cause.

Samantha Tomlinson (Primary Liaison Coordinator) and Becky Wadey (Teacher of Geography) organised the event. Samantha said: “It has been exciting hosting classes from nearby local primary schools. At Bolton School Girls’ Division, we have a culture of enabling young people to speak out on important issues and I think that pupils feel they have contributed to something worthwhile today.”

Keith Hargreaves from Chorley was one of the four Oxfam School Speakers who worked with the pupils on the day. He said: “Supporting smallholder farmers is the single biggest opportunity to reduce global hunger, reduce poverty and increase productivity. Ironically, over half of the planet’s hungry people are those directly involved in growing food. This is an alarming situation when you think that small farms provide food for a one third of the human race.”

Year 6 pupil, Jessica, from St Matthew's C of E Primary School, Little Lever, said: "I have really enjoyed today, we have had fun, learnt new things and I have been encouraged to do more good things."

You can view the short promotional StopMotion animations that were made during the day here:

Oxfam Helps Farmers

Saving the World

Why the Rainbow Came


You can hear some of the jingles that the groups made here:

Oxfam jingle 1:



Oxfam jingle 2:



Oxfam jingle 3:



Oxfam jingle 4:



Oxfam jingle 5:


The session begins with an explanation about smallholder farming

The session begins with an explanation about smallholder farming from Oxfam

Teams put together some colourful posters

Pupils came up with some imaginative promotional jingles