Bolton School Senior Girls

Caroline Attends Salters' Chemistry Camp

Earlier in the year, Caroline Blair from year 10 applied to attend the Salters’ Chemistry Camp at the University of Bath, and was one of the 60 pupils selected for a place. She spent the last three days of the summer term at the host university, staying in the Halls of Residence and using the laboratories.

Caroline was able to carry out new, exciting experiments as part of the camp, and delved into areas of chemistry that are not usually covered in school. Additional background information is presented in entertaining lectures and exciting demonstrations.

In the evenings, practical work in the labs was put on the back burner, and attending pupils enjoyed social activities together.

The Salters’ Chemistry Camps take place at a variety of universities every year during June and July. These events are for any students who are enthusiastic about chemistry, and were set up to encourage pupils to participate in the fun side of the subject. They are run by the Salters’ Institute, an organisation which aims to motivate young people into developing a long-term interest in chemistry and related sciences.

Caroline Blair