Bolton School Senior Girls

Cash for Kids and Key 103 Thank Girls for Supermarket Dash

After an attention grabbing assembly given to Bolton School Girls’ Division by Cat Yeates from the charity Cash for Kids, Year 7 decided to hold a sponsored silence - an idea fully supported by their teachers!

Together with money from a non-uniform day and £190 raised by Annabel Ault, an amazing £2000 was raised. Annabel, in Year 12, was struck by the issue of poverty in a ‘rich’ country and decided to put her hobby to good use. She rallied her friends into action and they held a huge bun sale. 

Cash for Kids wanted presents so that every child in the Manchester area who is invited to attend their Christmas party will receive at least one present in this festive season. So, the ten Year 7 Charity representatives and several teaching staff left school for the dinner hour to race around Bolton’s Toys R Us gathering gifts. Each pair had to pick 20 presents for both genders, in a specific age range, and within their budget. We were aided in our efforts by personal shoppers from the store and 20% off at the till, incurring more shopping in ‘supermarket sweep’ style. It was great fun and a lovely finale to a wonderful fundraising event.

The presents were then kindly driven to Key 103’s ‘Mission Christmas’ warehouse by Jigsaw Shop fitting & Interiors Limited. Cash for Kids and Key 103 were so delighted with the donation that Mike and Chelsea thanked Bolton School Girls Division during their morning radio show on Tuesday 11th December and on Facebook and Twitter, saying: “We had 1000s of toys dropped off at lunch time from Bolton Girls' School. They did a sponsored silence last month then the teachers and pupils did a massive trolley dash around Toys R Us Bolton to spend the cash raised! Toys R Us actually gave them 20% off- LEGENDS!”



Key 103 Mission Xmas

The girls went on a trolley dash around Toys R Us to spend their sponsorship money on toys for the appeal

Key 103 Mission Xmas

Girls also bought gifts from Boots

Key 103 Mission Xmas