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Celebrating SHINE at Graduation Dinner

Saturday, 16 April 2016

A celebration dinner heralded the end of this year’s SHINE: Serious Fun on Saturday Mornings programme at Bolton School. The work of the fifty Year 5 pupils from thirteen local primary schools was proudly displayed around the room as children and their parents, local primary school teachers, and Bolton School staff and governors came together to celebrate their achievements over the past eleven weeks.

This is the seventh year that the SHINE programme has run at Bolton School, and as ever it was a huge success. The cross-curricular sessions broadened children’s learning in a variety of subject areas and challenged them with the possibility of higher achievement. In addition to traditional subjects, such as Maths and English, the Humanities and the Sciences, the children were offered more unusual lessons, including Languages modules in Russian, Spanish, German, French, Japanese and even Latin! The children also enjoyed sessions focusing on Food Technology, Drama and Design Technology. New sessions introduced this year included Philosophy, Music and Outdoor Pursuits. The children also went on a day trip to the Catalyst Museum, in Widnes, where they enjoyed making plastics and taking part in a Colourful Chemistry Show.

All of the Saturday morning sessions were planned by Bolton School teachers, who were assisted in running the sessions by Sixth Form mentors.

At the Celebration Evening, the children were awarded with certificates and special awards for their commitment and academic excellence over the course of the programme.

Bolton School teacher and SHINE Coordinator Miss Katie Wrathmell said, “The eleven weeks have been wonderful. The primary school pupils have experienced subjects that they might not otherwise have come across. The ethos of the SHINE programme is that children learn best while they’re enjoying themselves, so each of the activities has been designed to be both stretching and fun. There has been real development and progression over the eleven weeks, and I hope we’ve instilled in the children the attitude to aim high.”

Fellow SHINE Coordinator and Bolton School teacher Miss Sarah Gunshon added, “Each week we have introduced two ‘Habits of Mind’ – learning and thinking skills – so that by the end of the SHINE programme the pupils have built up these very positive habits. We must also give our thanks to our colleagues across the Bolton School Foundation who have helped out with planning and running sessions, and the Sixth Form students who have offered invaluable assistance.”

Similar sessions are delivered across the UK through partnerships between SHINE and independent schools, with the aim of raising educational aspirations of young children while also allowing them to develop teamwork skills, make friends and have fun. The sessions are free for participating children.

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The pupils, staff and volunteers who were involved in this year

The pupils, staff and volunteers who were involved in this year's SHINE programme gathered for the Celebration Evening

Work from across the eleven weeks was on display

Work from across the eleven weeks was on display

A celebratory dinner was held in the Boys

A celebratory dinner was held in the Boys' Division Dining Hall