Bolton School Senior Girls

Chloe is National Screen Winner

Chloe Wynne, a Year 11 pupil at Bolton School Girls' Division, has won the Be Creative: Be a Screen Champion national competition run by Film Education and The Industry Trust.  Her prize is an iPad and the School has received four iMacs, a digital stills camera and a digital video camera.

The competition involved students researching, designing and creating an original campaign to promote legitimate film and TV content - both at home and in the cinema - and discourage illegal downloads. Chloe's campaign, which targeted people of her own age, was presented in a 30-second filmed animation plus a ten second 'teaser' cut.  It has been praised for being original, inspiring and informed and has got young people thinking about the issues and making the right choices.  Her film can be viewed here.

Chloe said: "My campaign was aimed at younger people who prefer to download films for free, and in doing so do not realise they are destroying the industry." 

Mrs Hadjigeorgiou, who runs film and media competitions in the English Department, said: "We are delighted for Chloe.  To win a national competition, particularly one of this calibre, is something special. Chloe has obvious creative flair and a real talent for working in this medium. The School is delighted to receive the iMacs, which will be put to good use by both staff and students." 

The competition was open between September 2010 and January 14th 2011 to UK students aged 11-19, with two categories for entry: 11-14 and 15-19.  Entries were permitted from individual students or groups of up to four students.  Chloe beat over 800 students that took part in the 15-19 category.  

Film Education is a charity supported by the UK Film Industry.  It promotes and supports the use of film within the curriculum.  Chloe's film will be shown at cinemas during National Film Week.  Last year, 473,000 pupils received free cinema tickets during Film Week.  The film will also be sent to the film studios in Los Angeles as an illustration of the great work that is taking place in the UK.

Chloe and Emma Bull

Chloe receives her prizes from Emma Bull, Education Team Leader at Film Education

Chloe and her prizes