Bolton School Senior Girls

Do Ghosts Haunt Buildings?

Senior Girls (and boys) at Bolton School were lured into a lunchtime talk by the arresting title of "Do Ghosts Haunt Buildings?"  Mrs McCann, Physics Teacher, offered a fascinating presentation answering the question from a quantum physicist's point of view.  

The audience were given a brief overview of how a classical physicist believes in particles and waves or pulses, but how a quantum physicist believes particles behave like waves and are the same sort of thing, called wavicles.  

Mrs McCann then referenced Duncan MacDougall, who in 1907 conducted an experiment to show that everybody loses 21g at their moment of death.  These 21g cannot be seen but he believed them to be the soul of a person.  Mrs McCann explained that, if this was the case, the soul must be made up of waves and waves find it difficult to pass through thick walls and windows, hence older buildings with thicker walls are more likely to be haunted.  Which then raised the question as to whether C corridor in the Girls' Division is haunted?  Eerily, as if in answer, an unconnected piece of laboratory kit suddenly and unexplainably buzzed in the corner of the room…….

The event was part of the Girls' Division Gifted and Learning support enrichment programme.


Mrs McCann

Mrs McCann enthralls her audience - click on the photo to enlarge it