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Extra Maths Benefit for Primary School

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Mr Wrigley and Miss Doran, Maths teachers from Bolton School Girls’ Division Senior School, have been stretching the minds of high achieving mathematicians at nearby Lostock Primary School. Y6 girls and boys have been attending after school classes in an attempt to develop their already advanced learning that little bit further.

Reflecting on the sessions, Mr Wrigley said: “Miss Doran and I both find it very rewarding to work with these aspiring mathematicians. They are a lovely group of pupils, very keen and a real credit to their school. We have been working on a variety of topics, including percentages, BIDMAS, basic algebra and problem solving. Our aim is to help them become even better mathematicians and to make sure they get the best grades possible when they sit this summer’s National Curriculum Assessments. It’s really pleasing to see a group of younger pupils give up their time to attend extra maths classes.”

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