"Recently I won the Mensa Child Genius Competition and I believe that it was possible because of the academic skills and the skills to perform in front of an audience and to keep calm under pressure that I acquired at Hesketh House."

Sharon Daniel, Girls' Division pupil

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Farnworth Schoolchildren Achieve Level 6

Thursday, 07 August 2014

Recently a group of Gifted and Talented Year 6 children from a cluster of Farnworth schools have been attending an additional ‘Maths Club’, hosted at St Peter’s CE School and run by two Bolton School teachers: Miss Reynolds of the Girls’ Division and Mr Howard of the Boys’ Division.

The Maths Club aimed to boost the children’s attainment in maths to ensure that they reached level six: two levels above the minimum expected, and of an equal level to Year 8 and Year 9 maths!

The Maths Club has certainly achieved its aim: twelve of the twenty-three children taking part in the Maths Club achieved level 6, and the vast majority scored exceptionally well on the level 3-5 paper as well, scoring high 90s!

During the sessions, children were given lots of opportunities to see how maths can be applied in various situations and to a range of problems, to really engage their interest. Mr Howard said, “The classes are about getting young people to think about maths problems, to reason and get them thinking outside of the box, to develop skills – and to make them think in different ways about maths problems.”

Miss Reynolds added, “We tried to help to make children feel more confident about maths in the booster sessions.”

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Mr Howard with some of the children who benefitted from the Maths Club

Mr Howard with some of the children who benefitted from the Maths Club