Bolton School Senior Girls

First Prize at Salters Festival of Chemistry

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Four Y8 girls from Bolton School, selected for their interest and attainment in science, recently attended the Salters’ Festival at the Chemistry Department of Manchester University. There are two main events, The Salters’ Challenge and The University Challenge and first, second and third prizes are awarded for each Challenge. 

The Salters’ Challenge involved deducing the identity of some mystery substances and the University Challenge involved making a test tube rainbow using coloured liquids of different densities. 

Whilst the students were working hard in the laboratory, the teachers were treated to a lecture on the resources available on the RSC website and educational research being carried out at York University. 

The four girls from different forms, Nicola Shaw, Angelie Chitre, Charlotte Hothersall and Shaili Khimani worked collaboratively and with determination and were awarded first prize for their skill and accuracy at creating an almost perfect density rainbow in the University Challenge.

The day concluded with a stunning Flashes and Bangs show given by Dr Frank Mair.


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