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Former Pupils Receive Distinguished Friends of Oxford Awards

Two former Bolton School pupils have been recognised as Distinguished Friends of Oxford.

Judith Hibbert and Robert Kay each received one of the prestigious awards, of which 14 were awarded in 2013. The Distinguished Friend of Oxford Award was initiated in 1997 to provide the University with a means of formally recognising individuals who have acted as exceptional volunteers for the benefit of the collegiate University or its colleges.

The award recognises those who have ‘given’ on a variety of levels such as a long-term effort to raise funds, carrying out a significant project for the collegiate university, introducing Oxford to opinion formers or donors, serving Oxford on committees, either internal or external, and representing Oxford to the wider world. Distinguished Friends do not need to be alumni of Oxford but both Judith and Robert are. By coincidence, Robert headed up the department that Judith worked for in her very first banking job nearly 30 years ago.

Below you can read why Judith and Robert were chosen to receive their awards:

Judith Hibbert (Magdalen, 1980) has demonstrated tremendous support to both Magdalen College and to the University for more than 30 years. As Chairman of the Magdalen College’s alumni association for the last six years (2006-2012) she took alumni relations in Magdalen to a new level. She worked closely with her Committee, Fellows and staff of the college to re- engage hundreds of Magdalen members in college activities. In addition, she played very active roles in the Magdalen Student Support Fund Committee and the Magdalen Development and Alumni Relations Committee. She is also a College Development Trustee (2002-present) and provides expert advice and guidance to the college in this role. Ms Hibbert has been an outstanding volunteer, giving very generously of her time and always willing to support Magdalen and the University in any way she can.

Robert Kay (Jesus, 1971) has been a highly influential and generous friend of Jesus College for the last 12 years, demonstrating his support through both his philanthropy and his active participation in the college’s strategic planning and fundraising. He is the longest serving member of the Development Committee (having joined at its inception in 2007). He was Chair of a sub-committee set up to raise funding for the Ship Street Centre – the college’s first major appeal since the establishment of its Development Office. The sub-committee raised £2.3 million towards the Centre within three years. Mr Kay was an extremely effective Chair, providing strategic input into the development of the appeal, soliciting support through face-to-face meetings, speaking at events, writing to alumni and leading by example, giving his own financial support. In addition, Mr Kay has participated in other forums which have benefited greatly from his financial experience. These include discussions on the management of the endowment and participation in the finance group during the development of the college’s 5-year Strategic Plan (2011-16). He has partly endowed one of the college’s Tutorial Fellowships in Mathematics, as well as given support to the Ship Street Centre. His diplomatic and thoughtful input has won him the great respect of the Governing Body as well as other committee members and alumni; he has been of enormous service to the college.

Two former Bolton School pupils have been recognised as Distinguished Friends of Oxford

Judith (7th from the left) and Robert (3rd from the right) along with the other Distinguished Friends of Oxford and the Vice Chancellor

Judith (above) and Robert (below) receive their scrolls

Judith (above) and Robert (below) receive their scrolls