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French Language Play Delights Year 8

Thursday, 22 May 2014

The Year 8 girls were treated to a visit from Onatti Productions Ltd, a theatre company which performs language plays in schools. They performed ‘Mon pére ne me conprend pas’ – a play in French about Hélène, a girl who doesn’t get on well with her father, on her fifteenth birthday. Initially disappointed with her gifts, which included a magic wand, she jokingly uses the wand to try to change her dad – only to find that it works!

The Girls’ Division Theatre was filled with laughter as the girls enjoyed the antics of both ‘cooler’ and ‘younger’ versions of Hélène’s father. They particularly enjoyed the moment when Hélène’s father – magically transformed into her drama teacher – picked out volunteers from the audience to act out a skit!

The play was a fun way for the Year 8 pupils to stretch their language skills and gain confidence in their ability to listen and understand French. The girls laughed at all the jokes, followed the story with ease, and really enjoyed the whole experience.

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The girls enjoyed taking part

The girls enjoyed taking part

There was plenty of laughter throughout

There was plenty of laughter throughout

Hélène and the 'cool' version of her father