"Reluctantly, I wait for the holidays to come. I love coming to school. I am still doing cross country...the reason why I started was because Jessica Ennis inspired me."

Year 3 Pupil, Hesketh House

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Fun in the Sun at Sports Festival

Monday, 23 June 2014

As part of the Primary Schools’ Liaison events programme, budding athletes from sixteen local schools were invited onto the Levels to work together as a team and throw, hit, catch and sprint their way to victory!

The pupils were offered a carousel of twenty-three activities throughout the course of the morning. The first time the groups tried the activities, they were given two minutes to play and gain the highest score they could manage. After each group had sampled all the activities on offer, the time allowed was decreased to just one minute!

The carousel of activities gave the primary school pupils opportunity to practice many different skills used in sport. There were several games based on ball control, including dribbling a football or hockey ball through a series of cones, throwing tennis balls into nets, passing netballs, and throwing cricket balls towards sets of wickets. There were also games based on scoring, where the children tried to get a rugby ball or football into a net, or aimed to kick them into a high hoop. Athletics challenges, such as a series of hurdles, and a game where the children had to throw a foam missile ball past a line of cones then run to collect it, added another element to the sports festival.

Thirty-five boys and twenty-seven girls from Year 8 in the Senior Schools assisted with running the various events. They explained the objective to the younger children, sometimes with a demonstration, and then helped to collect balls and provide scores for the primary school teachers to record.

The children had a fantastic time playing the games at a fast pace, and trying to improve their scores compared to the previous round. It was an action-packed morning that kept the Year 5 and 6 pupils entertained and engaged throughout!

As the pupils ate a picnic lunch on the Levels in brilliant sunshine, the teachers counted up the final scores. With the totals ready, Mr Phillip Britton, headmaster of the Boys’ Division, began the presentations.

Gold medals and the Bolton School Sports Festival Shield went to the overall winners, who this year came from Claypool School. There were also silver and bronze medals for the pupils whose schools came in second and third place. All of the children received participation medals.

“It was great to have so many young people not only involved, but also able to enjoy this competitive event with other local schools,” said Miss Sarah Gorner, one of the school’s Primary Liaison Coordinators. “The Sports Festival is a great opportunity for local primary school pupils to get involved with new activities. Several members of the accompanying primary school staff commented that it was their favourite event of the year – especially while the sun is shining! All of the pupils had a fantastic time and were very pleased with their medals. As ever, our pupils were excellent ambassadors for the school and worked tirelessly all morning to run the individual events.”

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The Claypool School pupils with their medals, and Miss Gorner holding their trophy

The Claypool School pupils with their medals, and Miss Gorner holding their trophy

Pupils test their bowling skills

Pupils test their bowling skills

There were lots of different activities to complete

There were lots of different activities to complete