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The Parents Association Future Entrepreneurs (PAFE) competition has returned for the second year. Girls in Year 9 were challenged to come up with a product to help Year 6 pupils to transition to secondary school, with a focus on mental health and improving resilience.

The PAFE competition took place across two days. Half of the year group took part each time, while the other half completed their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award practice expedition.

The Year 9s spent the first part of their PAFE morning brainstorming ideas and then coming up with their product, company name and logo. Once they had their ideas set out, they enjoyed a session with a focus group of Year 6 Junior Girls, who enthusiastically offered their opinions and suggestions towards building an even better product, which the teams then took on board. There was also the opportunity to speak to a team of experts: Miss Langley or Mr Linfitt on product design, Ms Field on mental health, and Maria Taylor from the PA on marketing.

Girls spent the rest of the morning and the early afternoon drafting a three-minute pitch about their products to impress the panel of judges.

On Tuesday’s panel were Marilena Manfredi, the founder and Managing Director of PLM, Nissa Smyth, the Chair of the PA, and Mrs Foster, Girls’ Division teacher of Business Studies and Maths. On Thursday, Nissa returned to the panel and was joined by Helen Critchlow, Bolton School Governor and businesswoman, and Miss Jones, the Girls’ Division Head of Business and Economics.

All of the teams presented their unique ideas for products, apps and services, including budgets and marketing plans. The judges had some difficult decision to make in order to pick just two teams each day to go forward to the next stage of the PAFE competition. The teams that made it through the first round were Flash and Co., Hack, Speak Up and Youture.

The winning teams will go forward to the PAFE final in June. They will be asked to present a refined version of their pitch to a panel of judges with the opportunity to win a £25 gift voucher each, a certificate, and of course the coveted PAFE Trophy.

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