Bolton School Senior Girls

Girls Compete for Place in Regional French Spelling Bee

Fourteen Year 7 girls showed nerves of steel as they competed in front of the whole year group in a French Spelling Bee Competition.  

The pupils were competing for the chance to represent the Girls’ Division at the regional final, to be held at Manchester Metropolitan University in March. The winners of the regional heat then go on to a national final. Each girl got to this stage by winning her respective French Spelling Bee Form challenge, which took place in the run up to Christmas. 

The girls had to learn a bank of 100 words in preparation for the competition. French teacher Miss Tomlinson gave each girl an English word and then the pupil had to say the word in French and spell it out using the French alphabet including accents and punctuation. The girl spelling out the most words correctly in one minute won. Difficult enough at the best of times but doing it whilst on stage and in front of the whole year group, intensified the pressure. Ordinarily girls would be able to recall and spell out just a few words in a minute but the competitors recalled up to 14 words in the minute.

It was an incredibly close competition, but the ultimate winners were Lucy Mercer (14 words), Fatima Patel (13 words), Annette Elmes (12 words) and Eleanor Gibbons (12 words).  They will go on to represent Bolton School in the regional heat of the competition. Annette said: “I was really nervous about competing in front of the whole year group, and am really excited about the prospect of the regional final.”

Miss Tomlinson said: “Congratulations to all girls who took part. They showed nerves of steel and great courage to stand up on stage in front of the rest of Year 7 who were really supportive. It was so impressive to see the girls in action and I look forward to working with the winners before the regional heat at Manchester Metropolitan University in March. I’m sure they will do superbly.”

Bolton School Year 7 French Spelling Bee

Girls had to recall and spell out French words including accents and punctuation

Bolton School Year 7 French Spelling Bee

The Spelling Bee finalists