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Girls Cook Up Some Harry Potter Spells

Monday, 21 November 2011

Year 8 girls have been making magic by creating their own Harry Potter spells!

The pupils took part in a Classics Harry Potter workshop taken by Post Graduate Student of Classics from the University of Manchester, Aimee Schofield. Aimee explained to the girls how JK Rowling uses Latin within the Harry Potter books and some of the reasons she may have chosen to do this. Latin is used in the Hogwarts motto, in spells and for character names. The girls learned how Dumbledore's name Albus means white in latin which is significant for two reasons - his white beard and that he is on the side of good, while Snape's name Severus means severe/strict and Dolores Umbridge comes from the words for grief/suffering and shadow.

The girls then split up into small groups to make up their own spells from Latin nouns, verbs and adjectives. The girls had to decide what their spell would do and create a wand action to go with it!






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Harry Potter Classics Workshop Harry Potter Classics Workshop Harry Potter Classics Workshop