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Girls' Division Hosts Historical Association Lectures

Wednesday, 06 September 2017

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The Girls’ Division will once again host a programme of lectures arranged by the Bolton Branch of the Historical Association for the forthcoming academic year. The presentations will take place once a month at 7.30pm in the Girls’ Division Sutcliffe Studio. Entry is free for Historical Association members and Bolton School pupils and staff, and £4 for non-members.

The full schedule for the year ahead can be seen below. For the most up-to-date information see the Historical Association website here.

‘Ravenous, bloudye, and Man eating people’: The Cannibalistic Amerindian in the Early English Colonial Imagination
preceded by AGM
11 September 2017 - Ms Rachel Winchcombe

The Borgia From Fact to Fiction
2 October 2017 - Dr Stella Fletcher

Custer, the Little Big Horn and the US v. Plains Indians war of 1876 - “Big Village, bring Packs - be Quick”
6 November 2017 - Dr Martin Alexander

‘The finesse of a mentally subnormal elephant’: Airey Neave, Margaret Thatcher and Northern Ireland, 1975 to 1979
4 December 2017 - Dr Stephen Kelly

Dangerous Women of the Scottish Wars of Independence
January 2018 - Dr Kate Ash-Irisarri

The Changing Image of the Late Roman Empress
5 February 2018 - Dr Julia Hillner

How did Martin Luther King Change America?
5 March 2018 - Professor Tony Badger (HA President)

The Renaissance English Reception of Boccacio
1 October 2018 - Dr Guyda Armstrong

Voices From the Armistice
5 November 2018 - Charlotte Czyzyk


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