Bolton School Senior Girls

Girls’ Division Tops Bolton Schools’ GCSE and A Level League Tables

A league of Secondary Schools in the local area, published by the Bolton News, has ranked Bolton School Girls' Division at the top of the table for the Bolton region. The ranking has been determined by how well pupils performed in their GCSEs in 2009, and the full table can be seen here.

Ninety eight per cent of pupils in the Girls' Division gained 5 or more grade A*-C passes and eight girls got the full set of 10A*s.  Ninety seven per cent of girls achieved A*-C grades (including English and Maths).

Mrs Richards, Headmistress of Bolton School Girls' Division said: "We were delighted with the GCSE results this year, 38% of the grades were A*s and 74% of the grades were either A* or As.  I was also particularly pleased to see how well girls had done in subjects that many schools do not offer - for instance all girls that took Latin this year got an A* or A grade.  However, I am sceptical about league tables, particularly as some very good schools, like the Boys' Division here, are penalised and not ranked because they offer IGCSEs."

Despite impressive GCSE results including 100% of boys gaining 5 or more A*-C passes, 67% of all grades being either A* or A and an impressive 33.8% of all papers being graded at A*, the Boys' Division did not register in the rankings as pupils sit International GCSE for Maths, which the government does not recognise.

Headmaster of the Boys' Division, Mr Philip Britton commented: "Many of the top independent schools are moving away from publishing league table data where possible, partly because the government refuses to acknowledge a wide enough range of qualifications but mainly because a school such as Bolton has much more to offer than can be accurately reflected in any league table position, however high."

A table of schools and colleges' performance at A Level was also published, and this placed Bolton School Girls' Division at the top of the Bolton and Bury regions.   The Boys' Division came second, behind the girls' school, in the Bolton area.  This ranking was compiled based on the average point score per student.



Bolton School Girls' Division

Bolton School Girls' Division topped the table with their impressive GCSE results

Boys' Division

Despite outstanding results the Boys' Division did not register in the GCSE rankings as they offer IGCSE Maths