Bolton School Senior Girls

Girls go Inside the Criminal Mind

Year 9 girls had the chance to peek inside the 'criminal mind' with a fascinating talk from Psychology teacher John Radcliffe, as part of the school's gifted and talented lecture programme.

The lecture gave the girls a taster into the world of Psychology and John began by asking the question 'what is a crime?' before speaking about how the nature of a crime has changed over time and will change in the future. He then asked the girls whether they could look at people's faces and guess whether they were the criminal or the victim of a crime to show that it is impossible to tell.

They discussed some examples of famous crimes and got to take on the role of a Criminal Psychologist when they were given a scenario and had to use criminal profiling techniques to guess who the murderer was.







Criminal Minds Talk

Psychology teacher John Radcliffe spoke to the girls about Criminal Psychology

Criminal Minds Talk

The girls were then given a chance to solve a crime scenario by becoming criminal profilers themselves

Criminal Minds Talk