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Girls Learn Samba Rhythms

Monday, 06 February 2012

Year 7 and Year 8 girls picked up some Samba beats with a specially arranged lunchtime workshop. 

During the session they became familiar with and played the surdo (a large drum), the reco reco (a scraper), the repinique drum, the tamborim drum, the ganza (shaker), the agogo (cowbell) and the whistle, the apito, which is used to signify the start and end of pieces as well as beat changes.  

They were led by music teacher Mr Ian Forgrieve in the session which introduced them this type of ensemble playing, and it is hoped that the girls will become interested in learning to play percussion instruments in the future. Mr Forgrieve used words to help the girls remember the Samba rhythms, and was delighted with how quickly they picked it up. 

The workshop was organised as part of the Girls' Division Learning Support Able and Talented programme.




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