Bolton School Senior Girls

Girls Meet the Maasai

Year 10 girls experienced the trip of a lifetime when they headed out to East Africa to spend two weeks learning about life in Tanzania, particularly the Maasai culture and helping out at the LivLife Meserani Education Centre. 

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Before heading off on their trip, the girls forged strong friendships with the Maasai via a Skype link up in their Geography lesson and through sending learning materials to help the tribespeople improve their English. Two Old Boys from the School, Max Griffiths and Sam Yates, set up the LivLife Centre several years ago and it provides courses in English, French, Computing, numeracy and literacy.  This free education is available to local people, mainly Maasai, who missed their formal education in their younger years.

Whilst out in Tanzania, the girls helped out at the centre teaching the children and playing games with them, and assisting in the organisation of a Sports Day. They got to know members of the Maasai tribe and their elders and helped to build a traditional Maasai hut. The trip provided a real cultural exchange and allowed the girls to fully immerse themselves in African life. As part of the trip, they visited the Maasai Cultural Museum, and went on a day's safari to Ngorongoro Crater where they came face to face with lions, giraffes and many other animals. They even got to spend the night as guests in a genuine Maasai Boma!

During the trip, one of the girls, Scarlett Tankard, said: "I do miss home, but I could equally stay out here forever, it has honestly been the best trip of my life", a sentiment echoed by all the girls lucky enough to experience it. Speaking of helping to build the hut and meeting a village elder and his family, Jenny Pearson said: "We are all having a brilliant time here in Tanzania and it will definitely be a memorable trip.  Many have said today has been the best day so far, however, we are all looking forward to what tomorrow may bring."

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Trip to Tanzania
Trip to Tanzania
Trip to Tanzania