Bolton School Senior Girls

Girls’ Science Projects Earn Crest Awards

Pupils from Bolton School Girls’ Division have once again participated in the British Science Association’s Crest Awards, which involves undertaking a science based project of their own choosing. Year 8s completed their Bronze award and Year 9s earned Silver Awards with 30 hours of individual scientific work. 

Group projects revolved around various themes including a Mars lander, aspirin, tea bags, fuels, pyrotechnics, analysing blood spatter, lipstick, space and building a light sensitive robot. On completion of their work, girls presented their findings to the local Crest Coordinator. 

Reflecting on her project “Analysing the differences between store bought and homemade aspirin”, Year 9 pupil Hafsa Syed, said: “My experience taking part in the Silver Crest Award, was one which I will definitely remember for a long time. I was given the opportunity to choose and study a topic, which interested me. I used a variety of equipment and chemicals some of which would not have been available to me, until my A-Levels. I improved my understanding of certain aspects of chemistry and I was supported along the entire journey. The most important thing I have learnt, is that sometimes experiments fail and there are many problems which you encounter along the way, however all of these problems improve your ability to solve problems and to persevere with patience, no matter what.” 

Nabilah Thagia from Year 8 worked on a project that investigated the energy content of different fuels and commented: “I have loved the whole CREST experience. It was really fun to be able to independently carry out our own project. I enjoyed all the practicals and demonstrations because we wouldn't normally do these things in class. I had a wonderful sense of achievement once we had finished and I will definitely be coming back next year for silver CREST!” 

Each year, over 32,000 CREST Awards are undertaken by 11-to-19-year-olds, giving them opportunities to explore real-world science, technology, engineering and maths projects in an exciting way.

Girls presented their reports to their peers and to the Crest Coordinator

Girls presented their reports to their peers and to the Crest Coordinator