"Personally I attribute a significant part of my success to my Bolton School education and the superb foundation it provided. It is the reason why I am so keen to come back and work with the School. "

Katie Clinton - Director, Financial Services Audit Team, KPMG

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Harvest Support for Urban Outreach

Wednesday, 07 October 2015

The Senior Girls have been putting together a Harvest collection for Urban Outreach. Each pupil brought into School one non-perishable food item, and the collection went on display in the Great Hall ready for a special Harvest Assembly.

Mrs Entwistle, the Head of Community Action at the School, thanked the girls in the Harvest Assembly and reminded them that their donations will make a real difference to local people who are in need. The food will be donated to the charity Urban Outreach, which supports disadvantaged and vulnerable individuals in Bolton through a variety of projects, including a food bank and provision of free meals to homeless individuals through Winter Watch.

Members of the Sixth Form managed to fill twenty-nine large boxes with the girls’ donations, which is a fantastic achievement.

The School has developed a national reputation for volunteering and community action. For the past two years, the School has been ranked top in the UK, with the most students who have logged the necessary number of hours to be awarded a vInspired Certificate.

Mrs Entwistle also used the Harvest Assembly to offer pupils in Year 10 and above the opportunity to attend the National Community Action Conference in Birmingham. Keynote speakers at the event will talk about their inspirational work and there will be the chance to network with pupils from schools across the country. Guests include John Bird, who set up The Big Issue, and Malala Yousafzai, advocate for female education and the youngest-ever Nobel Prize laureate.

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Girls with a small selection of the Harvest gifts

Girls with a small selection of the Harvest gifts

The Sixth Form filled 29 large boxes with food after the assembly

The Sixth Form filled 29 large boxes with food after the assembly