Bolton School Senior Girls

History Girls' Trip to Eden

As part of their GCSE studies, nineteen Year 11 historians from Bolton School Girls' Division enjoyed a visit to the esteemed Eden Camp, formerly a Prisoner of War camp now a Modern History Theme Museum in North Yorkshire.  The girls took much away from the day which will help with their controlled assessments on the First and Second World Wars.  The former Prisoner of War huts have been converted into a variety of exhibitions charting, in detail, different aspects of World War Two whilst also considering World War One and conflicts post-1945.  The girls enjoyed a whole range of interactive displays, including a Women at War exhibition and reconstructions of a street during the blitz, a Music Hall and a blackout scene.

Hannah Mitchell said: "I thought the model Spitfire and Hurricane planes were pretty cool."

Corine Greaves summed up the day, saying: "The visit made the history actually seem more vivid and exciting, much more so than what you get just from a textbook. I really began to understand how much rations you were really entitled to during the War."

Many of the History girls are now focussing on helping out Years 7, 8 and 9 girls with the History Christmas Club and History Christmas decorations.

Girls with a Hurricane

The History girls took away much from this excellent interactive museum

Fun in a sentry box

Experiencing a blackout scene